Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fast Art-Dr. Robert Harm's Indian Kawasaki.

Via: The Kneeslider:

This is a fun bike, the more you look, the more you see, like the fully functional Ford airbag mounted where the tank would sit (the sensor is on the front fork), the taillight mounted inside a piston, the now solid plunger rear suspension acting as part of the swingarm controlled by a single shock.

Dr. Harm's Indian Kawasaki is a fully functional, Nothing is a shortcut because “it’s a show bike” All lights work, they start and stop and the dimensionality and ergonomics are correct and realistic. Parts are predominantly cheap and come from a multiplicity of sources-mostly through the use of Ebay.

The small tank at the top of the frame is the water circulation tank built from a cast aluminum omelet pan sourced from eBay. The rear gas tank (Indian camelback style) was made from sheet aluminum and TIG welded. The toolbox door was originally a derby cover from a damaged 101 Scout primary cover. The actual toolbox , like the headlight (turned from a cast aluminum saucepan) and most other parts were made in his shop.
Everything has more than one purpose-like the use of a piston for a tailamp..


eviladrian said...

Don't know about the airbag, I'm imagining this guy getting catapaulted over the crash scene and shouting "so long suckers!" before he realises that he's now going to hit the ground from ten feet up and still doing sixty miles an hour horizontally...

TerraRoot said...

all that work and he couldn't be bothered to clean up the rear and make a proper swingarm.