Sunday, April 18, 2010

"In 1921, James Lansdowne Norton, Founder of Norton Motorcycles, went to South Africa on the advice of his doctor. He was 52 years old, his Rheumatism was crippling him and his, as yet undiagnosed, cancer was killing him.

He decided to visit his brother Harry in Durban and took his beloved 633cc Big Four motorcycle and sidecar with him. Despite his failing health, this incredible man decided to research the "colonial market" by embarking on a motorcycle journey that took him 3000 miles through the heart of South Africa. During this expedition he battled intense heat, torrential rains and 35 swollen rivers. He climbed incredibly steep hills and took his motorcycle to hitherto unreached altitudes. Often he resorted to wrapping a bicycle chain around his rear wheel to get enough grip! On his return to England this epic journey was hailed as the greatest motorcycle endurance test ever made.."


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