Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rare balancing act found: The 1967 Gyron is discovered, sans gyro.
In 1967 car stylist Alex Tremulis (Tucker Torpedo) and multiple gyro patent holder Thomas O. Summers (ceo of Gyro transport systems) created the Gyron 1 " gyrocar ". Powered by a 80 HP Mini Cooper-S motor with gyro stabilization provided by a 180 pound "brute force" gyro to keep the car upright and balanced at all times. Under full throttle Gyron 1 could do 0-60 in a wheezy 15.5 seconds-but to be fair the idea at the time was to create a Gyro/motorcycle hybrid rather than a road missile. Steering was by the same principle of regular a motorcycle and controlled by means of aircraft cables and an automatic "black box" witch "did the thinking" for the driver.

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Doctor Popular said...

I'm pretty sure this is Cylon technology.