Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lost dreams: Whatever became of the Acabion GTO

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fightforperfection said...

Acabion is all but a "lost dreams". Look up what is going on at or follow us in our recent books or on or twitter. Acabion is more alive than ever. We just work and design until perfection before we even think of production. There is enough "half-optimized" and mostly even "far less than half-optimized" mobility around in this world. It does not need one more half improved solution. The future needs fully imroved fully perfect mobility technologies. That is what we at Acabion stand and fight for, since three decades now. Read more in our online book at .
The two seater Acabion is in Generation IX now. And generation X will be the first one to have its makers and its masterminds say "it is perfect enough for production now". Truly yours
The Acabion Team, Lucerne, Switzerland