Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The "tweenie devil" is one of several forms of "cock-a-snook"  gestures first documented in 1791 and is rumored that the phrase may originally have been "to cock a snoot" in describing thumbing one's nose at someone.
The famous tobacconist Alfred Dunhill utilized the "tweenie devil" as their mascot. Dunhill originally started off as a saddlery first and then with the advent of the automobile was transformed into "Dunhill Motorities" by an astute Dunhill to supply motoring accessories including sidecars. The boot of Alfred Dunhill's own car was adorned with the "tweenie devil" no doubt to challenge others to catch him if they could.
Ever the innovator, Dunhill had many motorsport related patents to include a dashboard clock and a windproof pipe that marked the company's entry into the tobacco business in 1905. 
       Via: Rocinante Mecanico MC

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