Monday, April 16, 2012

There are countless questions about the Star Trek universe. Picard or Kirk? Spock or Data?  How do Dilithium Crystals work?..but the most important question is Will there be motorcycles?...Yes.
Via: Star Trek: Relic

 The Harley Davidson HG888 Heavy Grav Bike is a large antigravity bike, capable of carrying two persons and a moderate amount of stowage in the rear panniers.

"Widely used as short-range transportation and for recreational purposes, antigravity bikes, commonly called grav bikes, are common throughout the Federation. At their most basic, they consist of an antigravity generator, a microfusion power source, an RCS thruster system and a seat. Grav bikes are the modern equivalent of the Earth motorcycle.
While they can be used in space with the aid of an environmental suit, they are almost always encountered on a planetary surface. Grav bikes are incapable of achieving orbit, and are generally operated at heights of less than 50m."

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