Wednesday, May 23, 2012

“That same evening, all the participants got envelopes with a demarcated route, a detailed description of the dreams they were supposed to have at individual stages of the journey, and individual tasks. Immediately it became obvious that the warnings of the Grand Master’s emissary were not just empty phrases. Without those warnings, the tasks would have made everyone wonder. I will cite just a few: One Bicyclist, for example, was to buy ten grams of hashish in a certain street from a certain man in Istanbul, and then to smoke it during the month of September in room 213 of the ‘Paris Hotel’; another, on the other hand, was ordered to buy an old house in Smyrna, to renovate it, furnish it and then give it to a third Bicyclist who was to arrive in Smyrna on August 15 in order to set that same house on fire during the night of the 16th and 17th; one was actually supposed to open a fabric store in Athens, and another to become a chef at the residence of the British ambassador in Ankara.”
- Svetislav Basara, The Cyclist Conspiracy   (Via: Invisible Stories)

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