Sunday, June 3, 2012

“Young people nowadays see it as a pathetic, antique contraption,” Christophe Houzet said, “from a romantic working class movie just after the war, but when the Tri-moteur was launched it was a great excitement, I assure you. 
When I think of those days, when the Tri-moteur appeared in the streets and on the roads in the country, I am told, and the villages as around here, I imagine what the Tri-moteur meant for the economy. After the war businesses were totally ‘kaput’ and with enormous energy products were produced again, which had to be distributed in the cities and in the villages, and plumbers and workmen carried their tools and materials around on foot, on bicycles and in hand pushed carts. Suddenly Peugeot introduced a motorized three-wheeler cart, a Tri-moteur, also called with the collective noun Triporteur. That was a giant leap ahead, a new dimension in logistics as we now call it. 
That was the practical and economic side, carrying the goods, more and quicker to more places in a given time frame. And reliable, with comfortable ease and fast! For the young guns it was like driving a hotrod!”  
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