Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Built at a cost of 10 billion yen (they say...), the Robot Restaurant in Japan combines garish lighting, with female robots and flesh & blood cabaret girls for a hallucinatory experience that will hopefully do for the jaded, thrill-seeking salarymen of Japan what “Chuck E. Cheese” does for little kids. For an entrance fee of around US$37.00, patrons and stare slack-jawed as enormous pink haired robots roll around controlled by comely “pilots”. 
In truth, the joint is more like a cabaret club, than an actual restaurant. Three measly food items in all are listed on the menu, a perfunctory measure probably because it's easier to get a license for food service than to apply for a “giant robots plus army girls and marching bands and motorcycles” license. Either way, here’s wishing the Shinjuku Kabukicho Robot Restaurant the very best of luck as it awkward rolls the human race one step closer to a well-deserved Robopocalypse."  Via:

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