Friday, September 14, 2012

"T.E. Lawrence was comfortable on a camel but preferred the Brough Superior SS100 motorcycle, his favorite. Lawrence of Arabia owned seven of these cycles, naming them “George I” through “George VII.” I agree with them both as I speed an original through the stone walls lining the green Devonshire landscape. No helmet. No sunglasses.
This classic despatch jacket is my only protection from cool winds, declining reflexes and youthful love of senseless risk. Equipped with an army of buckles, snaps, and closures, the roguish band collar is the utility feature I like best. Of course, the quilted shoulders and elbow patches are helpful if a strolling sheep doesn’t feel the need to move out of the road.
Despatch Leather Jacket (No. 3605), made of butter soft, cow crunch leather from our favorite Italian mill. Black nickel snaps and grommets. Zip front. Adjustable snap cuff closure will keep the wind out." 
          Via: J Peterman 

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