Sunday, October 25, 2009

Only available in Japan.

"The SB-VX0 Jet Sliger motorcycle's unique design gives it unparalleled speed, maneuverability and firepower for a vehicle of its size. It has 5 powerful jet engines that can drive it forward at speeds approaching 1300 km/h and 3 large maneuvering thrusters on each side to allow speedy turns or fast sideways movement. Its wheels can rotate 90° left or right on their axis, allowing the Jet Sliger to drive sideways or spin 360° on the spot. It is also able to fly, hover and travel underwater, but it loses much of its maneuverability when doing so.

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The Jet Sliger also mounts an impressive array of weapons. It has a high powered Photon Cannon mounted above the front wheel, and a concealed missile rack on either side of the cannon. Each missile rack fires 8 Smart Brain multistage sidewinder mini-missiles, that in turn split into a further 8 micro-missiles (64 in total) with a range of 2400 meters. This is combined with its open cockpit design that not only facilitates rapid mounting and dismounting , but also allows a Rider to use their personal weapons too."

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Don Sliger would be proud...