Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hows the air up there? The AirBike.

"The AirBike has been under development since 1984. The personal VTOL aircraft concept was submitted to American Inventors Corporation. File number 31848 was deemed unsuitable for representation by American inventors Corporation on June 5, 1987.

The idea of a vertical takeoff and landing, personal air vehicle is not new. Its coming has been foretold in countless science fiction and fantasy novels and movies

There are many such vehicles currently under development around the globe. Although each concept is unique, they share a common goal. The freedom to travel from point A to point B without the restrictions and confines of prepared roads or landing strips. The freedom to go where your will commands."

The concepts are as varied as the prototypes of the first flying machines. They range from configurations like small rotorcraft that suspend the rider under its propellers, to those that more closely resemble modern automobiles. The AirBike emulates the upright riding position of a motorcycle. It is perhaps the most natural position for any vehicle. After all, it is the same position mankind has used for thousands of years while riding horse back.

This position allows for 360-degree views of the rider’s surroundings, both above and below. It also enables the rider to use his or her bodyweight to help control the craft.

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