Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Scoot over love, Micheal and Nita Marriott's rather long trip.

In 1956 Micheal Marriott and his wife Nita rode an NSU Prima scooter from the U.K. to Australia. The complete saga of thier trip can be seen at his blog " Two up by scooter to Australia"

"Where the rivers Neckar and Ulm meet stands, aptly, the town of Neckarsulm. And on the cold, rainy morning of our arrival we had no difficulty in locating the NSU factory. For Neckarsulm is NSU, as one of the directors pointed out.

Little blue-and-white signs led us through a pleasant township, across an ungated railway line, and up to a very imposing, remote-controlled entrance. We waited until the large double gates withdrew smoothly and then drove across the threshold, past a reception block, over a wide flower-bordered forecourt and on to the ultra-modern, beautifully designed main building. The little Prima had, temporarily, come home.

From that moment until our departure three days later we were encompassed by the most efficient organization in the world. Smoothly, from the word 'go', the wheels clicked into gear. No frustrating, interminable periods of waiting here,

..and not once did we hear the word can't'."

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