Friday, October 24, 2008

Pablo Gonzalez de Chaves and Carlos Beltran's BMW D1200R.

Via: the kneeslider
"Pablo Gonzalez started with the idea of improving and transforming the BMW R1200R into a new motorcycle, with a new front suspension, a new chassis, essentially a whole new design. His design work is first rate and if he stopped at that point, it would be considered well done, but he didn’t stop there, the project continued with the creation of hard parts and assembly into the actual motorcycle he envisioned on the computer screen.

The chassis for the D1200R is made from milled aluminum and sharp eyed readers may notice the front brake is from a Buell XB12. Lights are LEDs. The front suspension, similar to designs by Foale and Parker, was purposely left exposed for aesthetic reasons."

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LumpyCam said...

Imaginative use of a boxer, and almost looks functional!