Saturday, March 28, 2009

The greatest ride that never was..

Several years ago a woman named Elena posted a travelogue on the web about her solitary motorcycle (on a third hand GSX 1000) ride through the deserted area around Chernobyl. With all the eerie pictures she took of the abandoned, irradiated 'ghost town,' at the time her travelogue quickly became one of the most linked-to sites on the net. But in time accusations that her travelogue wasn't completely honest began to come to light. Apparently she didn't go around alone on a motorcycle. She went in a car with her husband and a friend. Elena defends herself, admitting that much of her story was 'more poetry' than reality. The pictures of Chernobyl, and what it's become, were real.

How much does it really matter that she made them more interesting by wrapping them in a tale about a solitary motorcycle ride?...

Via: Museum of Hoaxes

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