Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Taxi! Samlors in Thailand.

Samlors have been used in Thailand for over 60 years. They have evolved greatly during that time and continue to prove to be a very useful mode of transportation. Though motorcycle taxis are becoming more common for quick trips, the samlor is still used for carrying a load or riding in a bit more comfort. Via: frangipani
These Tuk-Tuks are not that common, found mainly in Chonburi and ChaChoengSao. Like their souped-up counterparts in the West, these hot-rods can have any number of customization schemes; tucked & rolled cushions, chromed wheels, extra lights, larger engines, and louder horns.
Sky Lab: There are a couple of stories about how the Sky Lab got its name. The first says that these vehicles first came out about the same time as the American satellite was making the news and the inventor look the name for his new machine. A more amusing version is that the appellation was given by observers of the handling ability of the beast, likening it to the less than dignified re-entry of the original Sky Lab back into the earth's atmosphere.
Samlor GaiNa: Popular in Prachuapkirikhan Province as a vehicle for paying customers, the Samlor GaiNa is also often used by individuals all over Thailand for carrying loads and family. Many merchants and farmers have one of these units which they can easily attach to their motorcycle for making deliveries or taking the family on a Sunday outing.

The Samlor Krueng ad the Samlor Krueng Yon (above), These monsters are large and fast and are found mainly on the eastern seaboard, especially in ChaChoengSao. Equipped with automobile engines.

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