Friday, June 27, 2008

The Choprical Fish human-powered party bike.

Via: boingboing
"Sound familiar? A well-cultivated hipster takes his reggae-blaring party bicycle to the streets, to be surrounded at every street corner by the common man of the streets... all of whom drop their 40s in ecological outrage when they discover the music isn't actually human powered. And then it gets ugly. A perfectly greased coiffureage is mussed. A meticulously cultivated sideburn is knocked akimbo. A designer leather jacket is torn around the cuff. And so on.

An ugly, desperate scene. It's a common danger facing the humanitarian hipster trying to bring music to the people. The Choprical Fish, designed by well-known humanitarian Paul "Fossil Fool" Freedman, is a nice attempt to eliminate the problem by adding a battery-powered iPod to the roving party bike. Look at how delighted the plebiscite are in their totally spontaneous outpourings of rhythmic enthusiasm!"

External link: Rock the Bike

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