Friday, June 6, 2008

The mystery dragon bike.

Recently spotted on a quiet side street in San Francisco is this incredible dragon motorcycle. Not the usual all too slick airbrushed paint work we would expect but rather hand painted. The brushwork is steady and flawless with the elegant dragon design carefully thought out and beautifully drawn.

It is refreshing to see something so creative and refreshing as opposed to the common flames and hyperactive graphics we see on many custom painted motorcycles. This is unique. This is art.

We hope the creator will stand forward and accept the praise he or she so deserves..

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Daniel said...

I've got a couple of images of that in my collection but I can't recall where they came from, I'm associating them with tattoos for some reason. The files are named "shifflett1" and 2, but I haven't found any more info on them.