Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ode to a yello Lightcycle.

By Joshb via collectiondx

"The Tron Light Cycles were made by Tomy in 1982. They released two versions '“ Red and Yellow; Red being harder to find. Each cycle was made of hard plastic and featured an opening cockpit and rip-cord action. You would insert a long ripcord into a hole near the rear wheel, and then 'œrip' it out. The heavy weight of the wheel made a wonderful noise, and made the Light Cycle act like a gyroscope. I remember placing that thing on the ground and watching it fly across the room; inevitably to smash into some appliance in the kitchen. No matter what I did to this toy, it never broke. Eventually the ripcord got brittle and cracked, but the cycle remained intact."
One of the things that made this toy great is that it looks almost exactly like it did in the movie. The only discrepancy is in the cockpit. In the movie, the drivers ride lying on their stomach, but the toy requires the figures to be in a sitting position. Any of the four Tron figures could fit in the seat.

In 2002 NECA reissued the Red and Yellow cycles, along with a previously unreleased Blue Light Cycle"

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