Saturday, June 28, 2008

The motorcycle in cinema-Wild Zero..

Wild Zero is a 2000 Japanese rock ‘n’ roll "zombie horror" classic directed by Tetsuro Takeuchi and starring the Japanese garage rock band Guitar Wolf. It borrows many elements from other popular B-movies such as Rebel Without a Cause and Psychomania.

Ace, a wannabe rock star, is on his way to a concert of the rock/punk band Guitar Wolf when aliens invade the Earth. As a result the dead rise to their feet in the countryside setting of Asahi, Japan, with an appetite for flesh. Enlisting the help of Guitar Wolf, Ace and the members of the band get entangled in many misadventures with crazy rock managers in very tight shorts, transsexuals, naked women shooting guns in the shower, and bloodthirsty zombies ready to tear them apart. Leather jackets, loud over-modulated music, laser guitar picks, motorcycles, guns, muscle cars, and fire abound. Guitar Wolf, a Japanese trio signed to Matador Records in the US --and self-proclaimed coolest rock band in the world-- star as the well-coiffed hipster heroes. It is also a love story.

The music, in a garage punk vein, plays an important role in the film. This film is similar to another movie by a Spanish punk group, La matanza caníbal de los garrulos lisérgicos produced by Siniestro Total (a punk band from Vigo, Spain).

The DVD suggests a Wild Zero drinking game, in which a drinking symbol appears every time a character drinks, says "Rock 'n Roll," or combs their hair, or when a head pops, something explodes, or fire shoots out of something.

(Since the Japanese language does not have a letter for the sound "R", throughout the movie the phrase "rock n' roll" is spoken as "Lock n' Lol" link)

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