Sunday, June 8, 2008


Via: the kneeslider
"Given the rising price of gasoline and more people commuting on their motorcycles to save a little money, why not turn your sportbike into an all weather commuter? With Rocketshields, the detachable sportbike hardtop canopy, you can do just that. You’ve seen similar canopies on scooters, here’s one for your full size motorcycle, in this case a Kawasaki Ninja. Blast down the highway in covered bliss as you laugh at the weather. Be the center of attention wherever you go."

These are one offs at the moment but the builder is planning to produce them in large quantities and he’s looking for a dealer."

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Anonymous said...

and look like a dumbass at the same time you stay dry... Not to mention rain hitting you in the face, body is one of the least things you worry about riding in bad weather, it sucks, but not near as bad as hydroplaning.