Monday, January 26, 2009

Canedo Studio's Gladiat8r helmet concept.

Via: trendhunter
"The Gladiator Helmet is designed by Canedo Studio. The frame comes in 3 different sizes and is adjustable through a range of rubber attachments that brace the ribs on the frame. The curious design of the helmet is inspired by the helmets worn by gladiators in ancient Rome.

Its weight is distributed across the entire surface, a carefully spaced “ribcage” ensuring the shades remain in place during use but also reduce friction from the usual support areas such as the nose-bridge and ears."


Matt said...

Now that's a kool looking helmet. Now I can get rid of the sweat head summer look.

Anonymous said...

I have the same thing in my kitchen - I've always used it to slice hardboiled eggs. Using it as a helmet is a way better idea.

Anonymous said...

how can i get one...pleez?