Monday, January 26, 2009

Know your Swedish Racing Motorcycles: The Monark Crescent.

Via: Ozebook

Monark built its first motorcycle in 1913 however the name wasn't used until 1927. It's first machines used Blackburne engines. In 1936 production switched to light-weight 98cc Ilo engine machines. During World War 2 Husqvarna 500cc engined 4 strokes were made for the army. Post-war Ilo 500cc to 250cc motorcycles were produced in quantity.

A Monark Albin engined 500cc 4 stroke single won the 1959 World MX crown. In 1960 Monark switched to Sachs and Morini engined 50cc to 175cc 2 stroke machines. In the 70's the factory toyed with road racing with the elegant Monark Crescent (shown here).

In 1975 production of motorcycles stopped.

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