Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our Favortite hero...The Vigilante: Fighting hero of the west.

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"The Vigilante also has the honor of being one of the first DC Comics heroes to make it to the silver screen. In 1947 The Vigilante became a thirteen-chapter movie serial, starring veteran action star Ralph Byrd.

Greg Saunders, the "Prairie Troubadour" AKA The Vigilante on his trusty steed.


Greg Saunders, the "Prairie Troubadour" of the screen, was shooting some scenes of a movie at George Pierce's ranch. Prince Hamil of Aravania arrived, presenting Greg, Pierce, Betty Winslow, Capt. Reilly and Tex Collier each with a fine Aravanian horse. Greg's alter-ego, the Vigilante, is called into action as a gang of thugs led by the mysterious and unseen X-1 strive to steal the horses from their owners.

The reason for that nefarious activity is that each horse was shod with shoes containing 20 "tears of blood", which are rare blood red pearls of which only 100 exist in the world. There is also said to be a 1000-year-old curse upon those unique and valuable pearls. The Vigilante and his sidekick Stuff eventually discover that X-1 is none other than Pierce. Pierce is eventually killed, and Hamil destroys the Tears of Blood, ending their evil curse."

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