Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Creature Feature.

Via: left brain writings

"Banished to hell for their unspeakable acts on humanity, Stitch and Merc form a car club called “The Fivehundreds." These Frankenstein looking greasers are promised by Satan that if they win the showdown race through the depths of Dante’s Hell, a race put on only once a century, they will be awarded the chance to raise hell on earth once again. The showdown follows them as they are challenged by a multitude of hot-rodding Creature’s.

Demonic car clubs such as; The Wolf pack, rockabilly werewolves with muscle cars and The Devil’s Rejects, a skeleton crew of motorcycle bandits, are only a few of the competitors. Who will win this fuel burning, hotrod race and win the chance to be more then fiction, but a legendary creature on earth, once again."

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