Friday, November 21, 2008

Monowheels:The Spiral Zone Act 10: Monoseed type III.

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"Bandai Toys was somewhat ahead of its time when they released their SF Spiral Zone figures and accessories back in 1985. The Spiral Zone toys themselves were a fine combination of model kit details and toy mobility.

Unfortunately it was a huge let down for collectors when the SZ line was killed just after two years of production, with only 12 “Acts” released. Only one SZ vehicle was ever released, the one wheeled assault motorcycle called Act 10: Monoseed type III.

Monoseed’s options include: Optional Jet Pack, maintenance Stand. Some of the Monoseed statistics was that it was produced in 2003 with a 1200cc engine with 10,000 rpms. Fuel is both gas and liquid hydrogen when using its jet pack. Maximum speed is 280km on open road and has a specialized analog bio-computer onboard. Armament include 2x 50 cal liquid cooled guns with 17mm Ceramic/Kevlar/ anti-laser armor."

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Thanks for republishing my Monoseed review on such a great site! Cheers Leonardo Flores