Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Motosafe.

"Motorcycle crime is on the increase, bikes and gear are vulnerable to theft or damage. Unlike a car many parts can be removed from a bike with simple tools. Bikers neet protective gear, but this gear is inconvenient to carry around once you reach your destination. Boots, helmets and leathers are expensive and need to be kept safe and dry. Bikers need somewhere to change on ariving at work, a railway or bus station or the cinema for example. Bikers need to know that when they return their possesions will be exactly as they left them.

Motosafe is a secure motorbike parking garage. A new approach to motorbike security - it prevents all types of motorbike theft by simply putting the machine beyond the reach of all types of thief, whether of the bike, parts or other gear. Designed for use in all public and private parking locations. Motosafe is built from 1.2mm thick steel and has a power operated six bolt electric door lock.

Motosafe can accomodate the largest of two wheel motorbikes and also has a shelf and coat hangers for storing helmets, leathers, boots and other gear. Powered by a 12 volt DC system, solar powered and with a backup battery in each unit. It is provided with internal lighting and a foot operated manual door release should the door accidentally close whilst the unit is occupied. There is a movement sensor to detect movement inside each unit after the door closes.

Motosafe can accept payment by coins, notes, smart cards and will accept payment by mobile phone when this technology becomes established. Motosafe is operated by a 4 digit PIN code chosen by each user and input via each machine's keypad. After each cycle of use and deletes each previous user's PIN code."

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Matt Marino said...

Great idea! I wonder if you pay for parking you motorbike if you could stay with it, kinda like a place to sleep for the night with your bike.