Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The obscure moped club: The Moto Graziella.

Via: (and translated from) museo de transporte
"The exotic Moto Graziella, today, is being re-discovered by fans of motorcycles and mopeds. (The name Graziella is Derived from the Latin nickname and common name of the Imperial age that means "graceful, pleasant, attractive." )

The small and charismatic moped measuring 1 meter long, with 8-inch tires and pedals. For easy transport and packaging the Graziella folds at long handlebar and retracts at the seat post.

Its engine Sachs 502/1A of 47 cc and German manufacturing, makes it able to carry up to 130 kilos in weight, and a yields 231 miles per gallon, delivers 1.8 hp, 4,500 rpm, and reaches 40 kph. "

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Imiuswi Aborigine said...

Mopeds have a new sexiness, invoking nostalgia associated with an era of free love and lack of limit on movement. Economically intelligent in a comically commercial consumer climate, mopeds achieve upwards of 100 mpg and apparently produce less of the toxic and harmful emissions our prized gas powered automotive vehicles are strapped with. The ultimate mode of transport for the fit and forward moving, mopeds are destined to emerge as the responsible and daring alternative to big bodied 4 seaters. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CStVNCsePS0