Saturday, November 29, 2008

The motorcycle in cinema-Silver Hawk.

"Silver Hawk (Orig. Fei Ying) is a 2004 Hong Kong movie starring Michelle Yeoh, Richie Ren, Luke Goss, Michael Jai White and Li Bingbing, directed by Jingle Ma. Yeoh plays the title character, a masked comic book style heroine who rides a motorcycle, saves kidnapped pandas and uses her martial arts moves on the bad guys. The masked heroine theme dates back to Huang Ying, a 1948 Shanghai book by Xiao Ping.

What other film starts with a motorcycle jumping the Great Wall of China?

The movie starts with Silver Hawk riding on her motorcycle through what looks like China. She is chasing thugs who have stolen pandas and are getting away in a truck. She attaches her bike to the truck jumps and fights the men kicking them out of the truck and then continues to fight them. Then they give up. She heads back to Polaris City where she meets an old childhood friend then a flashback occurs. In this flashback it was the time at the martial arts training academy back when they were little.....

BMW sponsored 16 motorcycles and some cars for the filming."

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