Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Natural gas motorcycles in Egypt.

Via: team.gc

"Two-stroke motorcycles running on gasoline are a significant source of air pollution in Egypt, particularly in its densely populated metropolitan areas. To help the government of Egypt move towards retrofitting the more than 300,000 two-stroke gasoline engine motorcycles to operate on natural gas.

Industry Canada jointly agreed with the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency to initiate a $1.4 million project that would demonstrate two-stroke engine retrofitting technology. The availability of cleaner-burning engines would enable the Egyptian government to adopt and enforce emission standards aimed at reducing emissions of GHG and criteria air contaminants, through the transfer of modern technologies and capacity building.

With technical support provided by the Environmental Technology Centre of Environment Canada, Canadian company Yugo-Tech developed the project in collaboration with the Egyptian Light Transportation Manufacturing Company (ELTRAMCO). Yugo-Tech had developed a technology that enables two-stroke engines to run on cleaner-burning compressed natural gas (CNG), instead of regular leaded gasoline. The microprocessor-based conversion system uses several sensors and electronic fuel injection to deliver good vehicle drivability, improved performance and fuel economy, and lower emissions."

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