Monday, November 10, 2008

Film: Concept designs for Terminator 4 reveal "Mototerminator""

Concept designs by Martin Laing Via: quiet earth


Venom-750 said...

That is too cool I wonder if it it looks like it will ride byitself but I wonde if a an actual Terminator T-1000 car ride on one.

Venom-750 said...

Sorry I was sleepy when I typed that last comment... WHAT I MEANT TO SAY WAS. It looks cool, I see it can operate by itself without a rider. But it would be cool if the T-1000 could ride it as well. ONCE AGAIN FORGIVE ME FOR THE GIBERISH THAT WAS TYPED BEFORE. AND LET THIS BE A LESSON TO YOU... NEVER TYPE WHILE DROWSY! IT MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT!