Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back to basics.

The fallen.

Benedict Radcliffe.

Benedict Radcliffe was born and brought up in Kent, Benedict Radcliffe, 31, studied at the Mackintosh School of Art in Glasgow. After graduating, Radcliffe pursued an interest in
the commercial fabrication and construction of interiors and furniture as well as art and sculpture working with leading Glaswegian architectural fabricators Scott Associates/

His work looks at a number of themes; his love of machines and engineering

Special Delivery..

A 5-kopek dull brown Motorcycle Courier special delivery stamp.
Via: Special Delivery

Laying down on the job.

This lowracer is powered by a 29cc "RC" 2-stroke engine with a spindle drive and hard tires - about as cheap and crude as one can get in motorsports. It was constructed in the late spring of 2006 and ridden in June 2006. The 2 wheel steering system produced very high cornering speeds and exceptional tracking stability.

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Flicker Gallery: "pusher"

Monday, June 29, 2009

Blow me.

Plastic motorcycle penny toy whistle. Via: Gasoline Alley Antiques

The Heat.

NYPD cicra 1938. Via: Police Motor Units

The man who has everything..

Via: Corbis

Holier than tho..

The rainy season starts...

Cambodia. Via: Parish Without Borders

Its all a matter of scale.

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Flicker: Nuts and Bolts.


A Binder sidecar attached to a 250 cc DKW motorcycle. Binder sidecars were specifically fabricated for the 250 and 350 cc DKW's. About 800 were produced by special order, and about 30 are known to still exist. The photo is a genuine "Werksphoto" from the '50's. It shows two typical features... the "bonnet" that can be opened to facilitate entry into the cabin. Via:

Avon Calling..


Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Duzmo.

Duzmo Based Biggs 1922 Special, using a modified 1921 engine.

"Duzmo Motorcycles were started in late 1919 by the partnership of John Wallace, chief designer and the Portable Tool & Engineering Company of Enfield Highway. Most of their engines were built under contract by the Advance Motor Manufacturing Company of Northampton.

Wallace & Biggs at Brooklands on 6th May 1922

At the latter part of 1918 Wallace began to design a high performance motorcycle engine. He advertised his design in ‘The Aeroplane’ to any firm wishing to diversify after their war contracts had ended. Such a company was the Portable Tool & Engineering Company of Enfield, who were impressed enough to take on Wallace as Chief Designer. The initial plan was to sell engines to other motorcycle manufacturers. By September 1919 the first engine was ready for trials, it was 88.9mm x 76.2 giving a capacity of 475cc."

Via: Oakington Plane

Flower Power-Pt2

Kate Rhodes.

Kate Rhodes (or Masukomi) is an autodidactic programmer, geek, serial entrepreneur, author, publisher, motorcycle-lovin, dyke, who likes drawing for all of us.

Boxing Day.

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I am curious plastic-Heavy Metal.

A Playmobil Chopper, much sought after by toy collectors and leather vest wearers alike. Via: Oh, its on.

deviant art-diablo2003

The lineup.

Ode to a JC Penny Pinto.

Some evocative pictures from A Time To Get

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Somewhere in Mexico.

Two tractor wheels, some heavy-duty coil springs and an RCA public address speaker horn form a massive iron hulk maybe 12 feet long. Via: Mexico Woods

Ickx marks the spot.

Belgian Le Mans winner Jacky Ickx and his first wife, Catherine Blaton, having a bit of fun on the beach. Via: Jacky-Ickx-Fan

Flower Power.

Life during wartime.

Two riders, one from an unknown Belgian unit and another of the Canadian Army. The Belgian Sergeant on the left rides an FN (Fabrique Nationale) Mk XIII Motorcycle with special front fork suspension. The WLC on the right is a standard 43WLC 'Export' version with the rear luggage carrier removed. Via: The Liberator

Film: La Strada.

Pict via: sidecar.it

La strada, or The Road, is Federico Fellini's episodic journey of the lives of outcasts. Zampano travels from village to village with his Ercole performing a strongman's feat of breaking an iron chain by expanding his muscular chest. His act requires a helpmate so he purchases Gelsomina from her destitute mother for 10,000 lire. (Zampano's former helpmate had been Gelsomina's sister who had died on the road.) Gelsomina becomes Zampano's slave. With much difficulty she learns to beat a drum, announce his act—"Zam-pan-o is here"—, play the trumpet, and fulfill his sexual needs. Zampano lives in a world of physical appetites, while Gelsomina communicates with the sea, the birds, the flowers...

Via: Film Reference

The man who has everything..

Except a decent tailor. Via: Ural Motorbikes

Flicker: Runway.

City airport runway, closed of of course, closed for speed trials. 125 Honda Glynn Poole standing ¼ mile 12.30 seconds, terminal speed 108mph. Via: kenjonbro's photostream

Runner Up.

Grand Luxe.

Have Motorcycle, will travel.

"A mahout is an elephant driver - the word mahout comes from the Hindi words mahaut and mahavat, which are derivatives of the Sanskrit word mahamatra: "[one] having great measure."

Sanskrit language distinguishes three types of mahout: Reghawaan, one who controls elephants through love, friendship and understanding, Yuktimaan, those who use ingenuity in outsmarting this highly intelligent beast and Balwaan, those who control elephants with brute force and harsh words and frequently ends up being attacked by the anguished animal.

On average, it takes around three months to school a wild elephant and for them to learn the essential 6 commands: sit, stand, walk, stop, turn and carry a 500lb BSA motorcycle on your back... "

Via: Falcon Motorcycles Blog