Monday, May 28, 2012

In the film Serial (1980) Sir Christopher Lee plays a business executive who leads a double life as Skull, the leader of a gay biker gang. Via: Greggory's Shock Theater

"Designed by Fernand Fargeton with finances and experience of the rider Aimé Despland, the ACT 2 twin horizontal motor Ultima was with the Nougier 4, the big cylinder motorcycle of French post-war race. Conducted at the factory outside of working hours, conditions imposed by the direction of Ultima, she was born in 600 cm3."  
Via: Mot'Art

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The TransNeomatic Small Bowl by Artecnica (a snip at $55.00 each)

Brandon Vickerd 's "Chopper".." is a hybrid of abstract sculpture and motorcycle design, suggestive of speed and sensuality. The tension of this sculpture suggest not so much a vehicle ready to propel itself on the open road, but an object struggling to dislodge itself from the self referencing language of forms from which it originates. It is a love child of 60’s abstract sculpture and custom motorcycle culture." 
Via: Art Mur

Racing Stripes. Via: