Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ride with me.

Coney Island motorbike ride. Via: Joe's NYC


The Dock Boys.

Train Employees at the SP&S coach yard in Northwest Portland pose on a Excelsior motorcycle in 1915. Via: Historic Photo Archive

Training day.

A fully functioning Vespa engine used for trade and technical schools. Complete with stand and even a drip tray for carpeted floors.

Via: Itrademarket Priority

The best toy ever?

Pict Via: Random acts of Geekery

The 1978 commercial for the Kenner TTP Dual Launch Drag Set featuring the Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Bigfoot.


U.S. Navy Officer at Brooklyn Navy Yard, WW II, with Cushman Motor Scooter. Via: Olive Drab

Its all a matter of scale.

flickr: Anime Motorcycle.

Baby Dee.

"She parks her trike next to a Harley Davidson, carefully dismounts with her accordion and croons a sad, sweetly funny song about a sailor… or a girl… a small crowd gathers, beaming her beatific smile back at her. At the end of her ditty the cat/lady/man graciously curtsies, accepting coins and small bills from all of us, then gets back on her tricycle and pedals away, cackling insanely. She is an irresistible creature. The cheers and applause continue long after her waving form has disappeared around the corner."

Via: Coilhouse

Ride with me....

From Knitting Machines to World Championships.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Genius at work. Edwin Yi Yuan's Greenspeed.

Edwin Conan ( Yi Yuan ) has succeeded in designing a concept air-fueled bike dubbed the Green Speed Air Powered Motorcycle. It is not an utterly novel concept for we have heard of compressed air powered vehicles before, but this motorcycle has overcome a couple of problems faced by previous concepts — short range and low speed.

Edwin combined with his lecturer and a team of design students to give it a form. He chucked the guts of a Suzuki GP100 from the 1970s into the bin and just used its frame, wheels and brakes.

The engine used to grind this machine is an invention of a Melbourne based engineer, Angelo Di Pietro. It is lightweight and runs on air compressed from two compressed air tanks on the bike. It revs up 10,000 RPM thereby eliminating the need of a gearbox, bringing only a single gear (sprocket bolted directly to the axis of the engine and chained to the rear wheel) into use."

Via: Greenpacks

As seen on TV.

Gallery: Indian School Buses.

Via: Oobject

To the clouds...

The De Lackner Aerocycle is not only the ultimate in one-man flying machines, but also the ultimate in aerial safety.

Since the operator stands on a tiny platform with a pair of naked helicopter blades whirling beneath him at food-processor speeds there is a great inducement not to fall off.

Via: Flying Solo

The Rogue.

A (rather natty) rider oh his Royal Enfield Model L circa, 1920/19300 Scandinavia. Via: Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society

Origin of Species.

A young boy in a Uganda refugee camp carries water on his wooden scooter.
Via: The Glenns In Africa


Via: nikdaum

Life on the street.

Pray for bad weather.

The Motorcycle Umbrella from SZ Wholesale

flickr: Dyke March, Saturday, June 28 2008, Toronto.

Going nowhere fast.

The Motorcycle sphere of death at Ringling Brothers Circus. Via: