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"Italian Spiderman is a film parody of Italian action-adventure films of the 60s and 70s currently being developed by Alrugo Entertainment, an Australian film-making collective formed by Dario Russo, Tait Wilson, David Ashby, Will Spartalis and Boris Repasky. The film is a reference to foreign movies that misappropriate popular American superheroes such as the Indian version of Superman. As of 23 July 2008, ten mini-episodes of Italian Spiderman have been released."

Zen Moment.

Taxi! Samlors in Thailand.

Samlors have been used in Thailand for over 60 years. They have evolved greatly during that time and continue to prove to be a very useful mode of transportation. Though motorcycle taxis are becoming more common for quick trips, the samlor is still used for carrying a load or riding in a bit more comfort. Via: frangipani
These Tuk-Tuks are not that common, found mainly in Chonburi and ChaChoengSao. Like their souped-up counterparts in the West, these hot-rods can have any number of customization schemes; tucked & rolled cushions, chromed wheels, extra lights, larger engines, and louder horns.
Sky Lab: There are a couple of stories about how the Sky Lab got its name. The first says that these vehicles first came out about the same time as the American satellite was making the news and the inventor look the name for his new machine. A more amusing version is that the appellation was given by observers of the handling ability of the beast, likening it to the less than dignified re-entry of the original Sky Lab back into the earth's atmosphere.
Samlor GaiNa: Popular in Prachuapkirikhan Province as a vehicle for paying customers, the Samlor GaiNa is also often used by individuals all over Thailand for carrying loads and family. Many merchants and farmers have one of these units which they can easily attach to their motorcycle for making deliveries or taking the family on a Sunday outing.

The Samlor Krueng ad the Samlor Krueng Yon (above), These monsters are large and fast and are found mainly on the eastern seaboard, especially in ChaChoengSao. Equipped with automobile engines.

The good jump.

Bob Gill's successful jump at the Cow Palace in 1972

The geezer.

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Conway's belt.

"Corporal Chad Conway astride his WLA in the streets of a ruined Berlin in 1945. Conway was a member of the 82nd Airborne Division's Military Police Platoon. The saddle of his bike is covered in fur and the handlebar grips are equipped with leather fringes.

The uniform consists of an 'IKE' jacket, wool riding breeches and high leather legging top 'Cavalry' boots. Conway tops off his uniform with a leather kidney belt adorned with a painted 'All American' Divisional sign
Large leather waist or 'kidney' belts (above) were a popular accessory for motorcyclists of the 1940's... It gave the rider support and protection of the lower back while riding the 'hard tail' motorcycles on bad roads for prolonged periods of time. They were not available from the Quartermaster Corps, but many riders acquired them directly from Harley-Davidson dealerships or other sources."

Via: The Liberator

The moon shot.

Flicker Gallery: Kylian Adams.

Monday, March 30, 2009

'The Diddly-bops and the Gooseneck Handlebars'.

Bermuda was known at one time for the Diddly Bops- a bunch of young kids hopping up their mopeds (often called a "blade" ) and running all over the island.

Diddly-Bops were the Cyrus, Zundapp, Moped, Velo Solex and the Motom modified, with gooseneck handlebars, the long buddy seat and with the modified sprocket ration of, a 14 tooth sprocket on the front and a 28 tooth sprocket on the rear wheel.

Via: 1977mopeds

Gallery: Vintage Lego toys.

Produced from 1956-1968 theses plastic 1/87 scale hand painted plastic models were created by Lego for thier early city construction sets. Picts Via: Miniland

Down Sungei Road...

A stall-holder in Singapore down 'Sungei Road', Thieves Market beside his old BSA side valve sidecar-Pict by Michael Fong

Via: Memories of Singapore

Splinter faction-Fuel to burn.

Gainesville, Florida, 1981. The tiny generator that powers this wood-burning motor cycle was constructed at the University of Florida out of a fire-extinguisher casing. The vehicle gets 70 km per kg of wood (20 miles per lb). (Sun Photo by Barbara Hansen)

Via: Knowledge Publications

The motor boys.

Riding between the lines.


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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Youtube: Copenhagen Cycles.

Eric Dyer creates a fantastical, collaged bicycle tour through a zoetropic rendition of Denmarks capital city
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Glue dreams: Building the BMW R75.

Via: Russ Sharp

"Some 16,500 BMW R75's were built between the years of 1941-1945 under the direction of chief-engineer Rudolf Schleicher. It was manufactured exclusively for the German army and is recognized as one of the more famous motorcycles in the evolution of motorcycles. The BMW R75 served with all branches of the German armed forces, on all fronts, on all terrains.

A lever mounted on the rear wheel drive housing when engaged locks in the "chair" wheel into a drive loaded, like a posi-traction. Although this helped in cross country navigation the BMW did not steer very well. The engine was 45 C.I. with a four speed transmission , eight forward and two reverse, a top speed of 75 mph and a low range of 60. Both hand foot shift levers were installed. Both rear wheel and the "chair" wheel were on a foot pedal hydraulic braking system . A filter was installed on the top of the gas tank for the Afrika corps bikes. The tool cavity was utilized for the filter and a steel German helmet styled cover mounted. The BMW R75s were completely waterproof .

The model is the BMW R75 motorcycle with sidecar in 1/9th scale from ESCI manufactured in the 70s. The Italian company features some 200 parts plus on 8 sprue frets. The parts are molded in a light textured tan colour, some silver parts, metal springs for the seat and front forks and solid rubber tires.

The bike was painted to represent one attached to the Afrika Corps. All purpose acrylic craft paint was hand painted on to the vehicle in a dark yellow colour, followed by a good drybrushing of a dust colour . Several coats of a black and brown mixed wash was applied, followed by another drybrush. The engine, some linkage and the MG 42 were all painted white, lights red and the gauge decal placed into the gauge. A coating of clear nail polish was brushed onto the lights and added into the gauge to simulate glass."

Going full circle.

"China: A worker destroys confiscated motorcycles at a dump of the Hainan Tongyuan Resources Recycling Co., Ltd. on June 3, 2005 in Haikou of Hainan Province, China. The illegal motorcycles were seized by police and turned to the company for recycle as no one claimed them after the provided time limit. The city is cleaning up its traffic and also seeking to further improve its environment."

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Lucky 13.

Pray for bad weather.

Television: Wild 7.


Wild 7 is a live action series based on a manga released in 1969 by creator Mikiya Mochizuki. There have also been an OVA (original one off animated video) and a spin-off anime.

In the wake of rising criminality and terrorist activities in Japan against Japanese nationals, the Japanese National Police Agency has no choice but to authorize the mobilization of a special Counter-terrorist Motorcycle unit consisting of reformed convicts, ranging from simple thugs, individuals forced into prison for simple petty trouble and former Yakuza henchmen and leaders to combat armed criminals and terrorists.

Despite being popular with TV viewers, it was forced to end the show after 25 episodes due to concerns of violence being shown."

The greatest ride that never was..

Several years ago a woman named Elena posted a travelogue on the web about her solitary motorcycle (on a third hand GSX 1000) ride through the deserted area around Chernobyl. With all the eerie pictures she took of the abandoned, irradiated 'ghost town,' at the time her travelogue quickly became one of the most linked-to sites on the net. But in time accusations that her travelogue wasn't completely honest began to come to light. Apparently she didn't go around alone on a motorcycle. She went in a car with her husband and a friend. Elena defends herself, admitting that much of her story was 'more poetry' than reality. The pictures of Chernobyl, and what it's become, were real.

How much does it really matter that she made them more interesting by wrapping them in a tale about a solitary motorcycle ride?...

Via: Museum of Hoaxes

Flicker: The Bozu

CG Channel: Justin Togail's ASUKA 02 Prototype Motorcycle.

"This vehicle is inspired by the Koenigsegg CCR, in the style of how it opens up to reveal the engine parts and components. I spent about a month on just the chassis and engine and the background was done in a day.With this project, I set out to design and envision a super powerful vehicle that was also very environmentally friendly and fuel efficient. It's powered by a more developed and compact form of hydrogen cells The engine and exhaust systems are designed to convert 90% of waste heat back into energy."

Justin Togail's CG Channel Portfollio

Friday, March 27, 2009

Wolverine Saudade.

Two of Europe's top creators, Phillipe Bouchet and Jean-David Morvan created a unique take on one of the world's most popular super heroes Wolverine. While on holiday in Brazil, Wolverine has his motorcycle stolen by a group of young boys one of whom has a secret. When a brutal gang kidnaps the boy, Logan sets off on a quest to find him..

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Emperor of dune.

Dakar Aprilia Sidecar. Via: Motowallpaper. See Also

Flicker: In the dustbin.

D.I.Y. Polish Tractor/Motorcycle hacks.

In the '60s Poland it was almost impossible to acquire a tractor in Poland. Agricultural machines produced by the country were available mainly for state-owned enterprises. For private farmers these tractors were too expensive and they weren't even robust or efficient enough for the mountain region. Out of necessity they constructed their own machines using spare parts and bits and pieces from whatever machines they could find. Including decommissioned army vehicles and pre-WWI German machines.

Via: Łukasz Skąpski Via: we-make-money-not-art

Great moments in moped advertising.

Somewhere in Vietnam..

Redefining the term "kick start".

Pin-up done for the upcoming MOPED MAGAZINE
produced by Dan Webber-Kastner.