Monday, June 28, 2010

Via: 3points
The art of Buichi Terasawa's playboy space pirate Manga hero Cobra. Via: Le Blog Moto
The upcoming Tron Legacy Zero Gravity Light Cycle features six-foot light-emitting trails and innovative  technology allowing the toy vehicle to be driven on a wall or even upside down. Via: ESP Visuals
DKW/Auto Union 1935 record braking sidecar. Via: Forum Auto

Sunday, June 27, 2010

"In May 2008, while excavating around the castle of Ch√Ęteau-Gaillard, the archaeologists of Bristol University made a surprising discovery. They have unearthed two graves side by side. In both of them they have found the rests of the body of an armored knight, and above it in one grave the well preserved skeleton of a horse, while in the other the fragments of iron objects which, seen from above, resembled… a bicycle."
          The art of Boris Indrikov. Via: Riowang

The making of one sweet ride from Atogureisu Bakery
"The last photograph of Frank Lenz, who in the mid-1890s attempted to circle the world on bicycle. He disappeared in eastern Turkey and is the subject of David Herlihy’s new book, The Lost Cyclist.
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