Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Norton the motorcycle in Dan O'Neill's Odd Bokins
The grass is always greener. Via: NathanielS' photostream

"It can even be prescribed as a power wheel chair by your doctor..."
"Erin "Red" Thompson who figured that tubas and unicycles where a good match. So he covered himself in silver paint, went to burning man one year and did his thing. Mom would be proud, those tuba lessons paid off." Via: Art Car Central
           Photo Via Olson & Farlow
A rose by any other name: American Fender Art
Steaming from Solif

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Via: Gas 2.0
"Cyril had a passion for Norton bikes and would regularly attend the TT races on the Isle of Man. We have been told that on one occasion he came home with a Norton that had apparently won one of the races. It is rumoured that it was eventually attached to the sidecar that Cyril used to deliver milk round the village." Via: Mot'Art
You go girl. Via: I've had dreams like that