Friday, July 31, 2009

Boy Racer.

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The Plaid Rebel

There is no place like Home.

The Animal Act.

A flea-driven bicycle and hearse from the Tivoli Gardens. Copenhagen, Denmark. (now closed)
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The Wind Deceiver.

NSU Dustbin Racer Sculpture. Via: Biker Gifts

The obscure scooter club: The 1951 Bilka prototype.


True Grit.

Private Robert J. Vance, Via: Marshall Astor

The Secret Service.

One in a series.

Flickr: Yvonne and Carl-with pram.

Ride with me....

Thursday, July 30, 2009


The Red Racer.

The cute prototype German Darda toy motorcycle. Via: Darda Collector

Ride the Machine.

Flossie the robot was constructed by Castrol to be used in lubricant testing for just about any motorcycle. Flossie allows testers to monitor how lubricants function over time in a variety of situations, with Flossie the one constant, shifting and riding the bike perfectly each time. Flossie learns, all by herself, how to get a feel for each bike and how to ride it. Via: Posci

Emperor of dune.

The the prototype Rokon being ridden by it's inventor Charles Fehn in California in 1959

X marks the...

Arvil had a feeling.

In 1964 Arvil Porter felt if you had more Horse Power you could go faster. So he built a 400 HP Chevy race car motor with Hillborn fuel injectors running alcohol for fuel and put it on two wheels.

Arvil Porter Projects

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What if ?...

The 1975 MV Agusta 750 S Prototype Turbo with fuel Injection. Via: Motorbike Search Engine

Pray for bad weather.


A stunning photo from Ernesto in Argentina. Via: Ze Last Chance Garage

Zen Moment.

Hit the highways, or at least the high holidays with this silver motorcycle menorah

Jay Shuster.

You cab find more of Shu's brilliant design work via his Blog.


At your service: The Mazda DA.

The 1931 Mazda DA was the first three-wheeled vehicle in Japan to use a rear-axle differential gear and a linear transmission with a reverse gear. This model is remembered as the vehicle with which Mazda entered the automobile market. Via: SAE Japan

Spot On.


Audrey Kawasaki
Currently showing at SURU gallery to raise funds for Riders For Health and themed through the medium of motorcycling, and realized on the objects of road racing culture (a motorcycle, helmets and apparel). The show, entitled Celeritas ( Latin for Speed ), features helmets, apparel, and even a 2009 Suzuki Hayabusa, each painted by one of 14 trend-setting fine artists.

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Mike Shinoda

Jim Lee

James Jean

eBay: The Metro City Racer.

This cyberpunk styled bike was created for ( but never used) an upcoming independent film called "Metro City Racer" and built from a 1990 GSXR Frame, Buell Lightning Tail, and two VRod Rear Wheels, the bike is powered by a 11 Horsepower 240cc engine with a torque converter and can reach speeds up to 50 mph. This clever bit of design can be yours as the builder has no-reserve price with an opening bid of a mere $1.00

Ebay Item number: 300334029941

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gallery: Spare Change?

Only in Seattle.

By Gabriel Campanario, The Seattle Sketcher

Ride with me.

Constructed by Studio Creations, These two wearable Star Wars Speeder Bike outfits are in the vein of man-riding-horse style costumes. The bodies of the bikes are vacuumformed .125 guage (1/8 inch) styrene, with a 1/2 inch metal-tube subframe holding it together. The "riders" wore weightlifting belts under thier clothes to fasten the 47 pound costumes.

Inherit the wind.

3 Blokes, 3 Bikes, 3 Deserts.

The 3 Blokes are riding Postie Bikes (small motorcycles used by Australia Post to deliver mail) from Sydney to Uluru across the Australian Outback traversing three desserts the Strezlecki, the Sturt Stony and the Simpson Dessert. The team will be riding in support of the charity Autism South Australia-of which they will be seeking sponsorship for.

3 Blokes, 3 Bike 3 Deserts

The 3 Blokes who are turning out to be 3 heroes

Hung Up.

Near Garvanza, California, By Ninathegreat33

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tip Top.

a Tippco clockwork motor driven military motorcycle with a sidecar
Tippco, Founded in 1912 and named after an early director/employee, Miss Tipp, its ultimate owner, Phillip Ullman, was forced to flee from Germany in 1933. He went to England, where he founded Mettoy, eventually returning to Germany and recovering his company following the war. Most of the Tippco Hitler era toys were destroyed after the war.

Via: dfw Elite Car Club Toy Museum

Yankee go home.

Dan Beard, Best known as one of the founding fathers of the Boy Scouts, but he was also a skilled illustrator. These charming panels are from A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Mark Twain.

Via: Golden Age Comic Book Stories


Built in 1990, the Australian Dryvtech 2x2x2 Experimental was a motorcycle designed and built by Ian Drysdale as a test bed for his ideas on 2 wheel drive and 2 wheel steering. Utilising hydraulic drive to both wheels, with hydraulically actuated hub-centre steering of both wheels and even adjustable ride-height.

A technical adventure rather than a serious production motorcycle prototype. Not everything tried on the Dryvtech 2x2x2 Experimental was an absolute success, but proved that a 2 wheel drive motorcycle is a valid concept. The bike was recently bought by a private collector and now resides in the Donington Motor Museum, UK.

See Also: Andy Sparrow's Bloodrunner bikes