Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hello sweet and dear followers. We have started a Ride the Machine Tumblr. Full of RTM's archive material it represents our favorite two wheeled designs and artwork from early to recent posts. Have a visit:...because it would be not be the same with you.....
We also would like to welcome our first advertiser: Icon Motorsports.  We will have  posts that feature their goods on a regular basis. We really Like Icon's goods and style: plus we they are a great mach for us.... 
(P.S: Advertisers are more than welcome to contact us if you are interested in joining on the fun and our many, many, many followers. ..)

           That is all, carry on with looking at all the pretty pictures.

Our hero: Commando Cody (the original one) Via:

Via: Bassmen

The perfect match:  Keith Haring's hand painted jacket and motorcycle. Via: Hell for Leather and Motorcycle Culture

Via: MKF