Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Art of Michael Dunlap.

Michael Dunlap's 1981 all brass Suzuki GS-1100 model

Via: the internet craftsmanship museum
"As a model builder I take pride in being completely self-taught while constantly searching for new methods and better techniques to raise my skill level. To a large extent, that’s the fun of my craft. The issue I struggle with most days in my shop is, “When is it good enough?” Whether I’m assessing the quality of an individual part or a complete model my answer is this. It’s good enough when, based on my current ability, any further attempt to improve it will probably cause it to be damaged. That having been said, my constant goal is to improve my abilities tomorrow over what they are today. For me, building models cars is a very personal expression. When I cease to improve my skills and thus, my models, I’ll go do something else."

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