Monday, July 28, 2008

Whitehouse's Super Cub Woody.

Via: biker voodoo

"Shown here is the “Super Accent Ogano Woody Super Cub50″ by White House, Japan. The seat looks like it’s upholstered in leather and really cool retro-classic Honda logos have been fitted. I’m not sure if it’s really made from wood or metal painted to look like wood."


Tim said...

That is a beautiful bike! Holy Smokes!

Malvino said...

Real purdy

supercublogger said...

Interesting. Real wood? Wow, that's expensive in Japan. At first glance I'd say it's a pre 2000 Super Cub 50 modified extensively. I like the use of the older Benly Honda Wing emblems, too.

Those modifications look expertly done. Nice job.