Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Samson Motorworks Announces the "SkyBike".

Via: amt online

"What human being has not had the dream of flying through the air with the same vehicle they are driving on the road? That dream could soon come true. By utilizing motorcycle manufacturing techniques and volume pricing, many pilots could soon own a personal, highly usable airplane for considerably less cost than a typical small aircraft - but not just any airplane. The SkyBike™ is an airplane that can be both aircraft and ground transportation. For many years, the ability to fly to a destination and drive away has been the dream of aviators. The innovative SkyBike™ from Samson Motorworks provides the ultimate transportation vehicle.

President, Sam Bousfield, said “with our three-wheel enclosed vehicle, you can drive in air conditioned comfort to a local airport where the wings are extended, fly to another airport to land, retract the wings and then continue to drive wherever you want to go.” If inclement weather sets in, instead of being grounded, one is free to drive home – an option not currently available to pilots. “This could make flying safer, as it takes away that ‘got to make it home’ pressure when the weather starts to turn rough,” he said."


Anonymous said...

Lack of vertical control surface reveals a lack of professional aeronautical engineering in this design.


Sam said...

Swift Engineering, who recently completed the Eclipse 400 jet, is doing the engineering on this project. The vertical control surface is not shown due to patent right issues precluding showing something before patent is filed. The vertical stabilizer stows away, and is part of the engineering to allow this to be a road vehicle without having to deal with unused flying surfaces on the ground.