Monday, July 21, 2008

The Big Daddy Midget Moto Club

Via: sprayblog
"The Big Daddy Midget Moto Club roar down the streets of Paris on miniature motorcycles customized from Honda CR50s or similar kid bikes…Okay its not a roar, but the club definitely became public enemy number one to France’s police force and most European car drivers. Most people are shocked to see the group of 20 plus miniature bikes blaze past them on Paris’s most famous boulevards. The bikes have only been street legal for about a year. Before that the club was riding with no lights, no fenders, no signals, no mirrors and some would say no brains."

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Daniel said...

I too spotted them in Intersection long ago and was never able to find much more about them other than the Sprayblog page. I wonder how they've evolved in the years since.