Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tokusatsu Television: Denjin Zaborger.

Denjin Zaborger was a Japanese tokusatsu television series that aired in 1974, produced by P Productions, it was their last tokusatsu series of the 1970s.

Denjin Zaborger stars Akira Yamaguchi (Joji Yuki ) as secret agent Yutaka Daimon. The robot Denjin Zaborger has no personality at all, its Akira Yamaguchi as the wild warrior Yutaka Daimon who gives the series its heart.

Secret Police (Himitsu Keiji) agent Yutaka Daimon returns to Japan after learning his father was murdered by the evil Dr. Akunomiya leader of the criminal gang Sigma (named after the Greek letter). From his father Yutaka inherited the robot warrior Denjin Zaborger which respondes to Yutaka's voice commands. Zaborger has the unique ability to transform into a motorcycle, Machine Zaborger, for Yutaka Daimon to ride.

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