Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Don Dunklee's solar scooter.

"How would you like to give your scooter a couple of solar wings? Well, it might not exactly take off in to the upper reaches of the atmosphere, but it will at least keep it clean and pollution free. Not many would have tried anything like this and even though it might look a touch ungainly, it still is a fine example of how you can make a difference to the planet all on your own. This modified scooter runs on solar energy (as is obvious) and it has been done without much fuss or complication. It just goes to show that we all can change the world we live in with a bit of effort and some honest commitment.

Don Dunklee has applied some ingenuity and come up with a way to charge his electric scooter using solar panels. The best part is that he's put the instructions on how to build your own solar scooter on for our use. The solar panels on the bike fold in for driving, and out for charging. Don rides the scooter 5 miles to work each day, and can fold the panels out for charging the battery while parked at work."

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