Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ah, to be young again.

Via: micromotorx

"Now kids can feel like they're really "on the open road" with the realistic Fly Hawk Motorcycle Ride-on. With exciting, bold colors, slip resistant tires, and durable frame, the Fly Hawk is set to take on grass, dirt or hard-surfaced terrain. Your little racer will love the "twist grip" accelerator. Comes with adjustable rearview mirrors and front headlight and 6-volt battery. The fun begins at start-up: sounds, a push-button horn and blinking lights. Plus, it's equipped with training wheels and a high-speed lockout for beginners.

The Fly Hawk Super Bike has so many qualities that both parents and children will love that it’s hard to list them all! It has a hand throttle and brake, which always impresses children, because they want their machine to be exactly the same as the real ones. It has a stabilizing wheel in the back so that you can be sure that your little driver doesn’t drop their bike, and it has a 6v battery that allows it to run for around two hours! The Fly Hawk Super Bike goes between 5 and 6 km per hour."

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