Saturday, February 20, 2010

At last, proper motivation to mow the lawn. The British Anzani Lawnrider was one of the most distinctive mowers of the past 50 years. The mower had a chassis that was enclosed with Art-Deco Style sculpted steel panels. Some people refer to the mower as "the swan neck" because of the shape of the chassis as it rises from the rear section to the front. The Lawnrider was painted in a distinctive pale green with a metallic finish.
By the late 1960s British Anzani was facing stiffer competition and the company stopped making the Lawnrider. The company had disappeared from the horticultural market by the early 1970s. The Lawnrider has a dedicated if small following among collectors. They are an interesting stage on the evolution of the lawn mower. Examples in dilapidated condition are relatively easy to find but good quality machines are more sought after.

Via: Old Lawnmower Club

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