Friday, February 22, 2008

High concept: The Fichtenfoo Monoracer.

A few posts ago we saw Fichtenfoo's perfectly built up model of the Junk tank rock Monowheel kit. Today we are going to look at the skilled modelmaker/ and graphic artist's future model-art project, the MonoRacer.

Based on the designs from the Japanese animated movie The Venus Wars, and real-world creation The Riotwheel. Fichtenfoo's 1/24th scale model shows a carefully thought out bit of imaginative engineering, and with the advent of new technologies the Monoracer may indeed be able to be built in full scale by someone far, far more clever than us. We eagerly look forward to the day we can go to the local Monoracer meets and loose our hard earn money in a truely futuristic way.

We'll be sure to keep tabs on the progress of this great bit of design.

I have seen the future of racing-and it is still ruined by cheep beer and sugary soft drink sponsors...

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