Saturday, February 9, 2008

Junk Tank Rock's monobike.

The Junk Tank's SEG-888 Hornet monobike built to perfection by Fichtenfoo

A few days ago we featured Kaitimars' great Lego monobike. Now we seem to have found the brick builders inspiriation. Via a Toybot Studios posting we found this great Dieselpunk themed 1/32 scale (about 2" long) cast resin kit from Japan's Junk Tank Rock (or also known as "the brigade of fictitious arms") The designs are a very similar in feel to the best -and perhaps only-monobike movie made-The Venus Wars.

Thats all there is to it.-pict from JonathanL25's flickr photostream

Certainly not a kit for unsteady hands, but with a little time and patience you can a little post-industrial alternative-time line-war table top fun for just under $50.00 each. Humm, now lets see how much I have left in my paypal account.....

even in a desparate and brutal future you still cannot resist running through puddles...

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Anonymous said...

Do you know anywhere that you can buy these kits? I have looked everywhere and cannot find a single one.