Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ode to a favorite three wheeled toy.

You gotta love those seventies graphics...


"One of my fondest memories as a 5 or 6 year old child was riding my Green Machine around the block. My older brother and I shared the Green Machine and a Big Wheel. After riding a Green Machine, it was pure torture being relegated to the Big Wheel.
Back in the day, I was a shy kid. At age 5, I was still learning to speak English and adapting to American culture after immigrating from Vietnam. However, once on my Green Machine, I was transformed into the coolest kid in the neighborhood, at least in my mind.
My hood consisted of a square block around Bridge and Third Street in sleepy New Cumberland, PA. Nonetheless, I patrolled that block like no other on my Green Machine. I pretended to be a police officer or a fireman from the TV shows of my youth, namely S.W.A.T. and Emergency! I spent endless hours power sliding around the block and enjoyed every minute on that green tricycle.

I loved my Green Machine because it was the coolest toy in my hood and it was also my first mode of transportation that allowed me to explore the world. The world at the time was a square block, but grew bigger over time with my first BMX bike, a 10 speed in junior high, a mountain bike during college and road bikes in my 30s. You can attribute my love for cycling and desire to explore the world to that Green Machine.

Much to my surprise the Green Machine was re-introduced by Huffy in 2003 and updated again this year. The 2006 Huffy Green Machine “is designed and engineered for today’s kids. The new version of this old favorite is high tech, durable and cool.”


Jonathan said...

I want one. I don't care if I'm forty. I'll throw a fit in Target until you buy it for me.

Anonymous said...

BigT Said...
My Lord!!! I had one of these wonderful machines when I was a kid and indeed, I was the COOLEST on the block!!! I agree with John, I have to have one again, one word-RETRO!!!